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Being active in the Toronto business and social nightlife (2007 – 2010) scene for over a decade organizing events became something that came naturally to us (music, sound and event logistics). This roller coaster ride led us to produce a variety of events in the not for profit and for-profit sector.

Our goal is to develop unique and signature experiences to assist brides, grooms, event managers and other key decision makers with their events.

"32% of people find wedding planning to be more stressful than enjoyable”

Having produced hundreds of successful events (Corporate leadership Speakers Series, Brand Launches, Ambassador Programs, Community Festivals) and a range of other events. In 2010 we decided to re-align our services to a wider demographic and specialize in supporting Corporate/Special Events, Weddings, Private Affairs and Retail communities. We're also firm believers in supporting local or community events and giving back to youth.



We pay attention to the tiny details, love to have fun and equip you with the proper information to have the best event/wedding possible.



Our mission: We want people to remember your event for the next 50 years.

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