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How much do you charge for a wedding reception?


This is the question that every couple asks and rightfully so a wedding is a top 5 life moment and one that requires a great deal of planning, care, and attention. Your wedding day is the one day that all of your family and friends from far and wide will celebrate with you and hope that everyone remembers for the rest of your lives.


At DJ Elegance we offer brides and grooms a Discovery Session so that we can get to know best what your needs are and how we can support you on your wedding. Below are some key aspects that will help you to get a better feel for how we approach our work.


Planning Process:


Three Phases: Create It. Plan It. Execute It. Create It.


  • DJ Elegance will work with you to capture your vision for your special event.

  • Our goal will be to create an event that speaks to who you are and a memorable experience for your guests.


Plan It.


  • One-to-one service and can assist you as well as provide you with music, event management and coordination expertise along with templates, tools, and other resources.

  • Unlimited access to staff to modify & enhance any details for your special day

  • Professionally planned events leave lasting impressions & reduce YOUR level of hassle and anxiety.

  • Unless you have professional planning experience in most cases we have been where you have not. Why figure it out all by yourself? Ad hoc planning hoping things work out can lead to frustration, anxiety, worry and a sub-par event. Don't leave yourself open to other technical and planning mistakes that will result in energy being stolen, guests upset and leaving home early. Work with seasoned pros who can "hold your hand" or walk with you each step of the way and apply best practices to your big day!


Execute It.


  • Produce a seamless event that has been pragmatically planned and timed professionally.

  • An unforgettable day planned exactly as YOU wanted it with no surprises and customer confidence

  • Your event's success is based on the 90% of the planning you do ahead of time

  • A wedding event that EVERYONE talks about for years after




During your Discovery Session, we conduct a thorough consult and ask you a lot of questions. This is about your day and gaining knowledge and insight into how we can best help you out. To some couples, a small wedding is 125 people and to others is 500. Understanding that there is no cookie cutter approach we apply best practices and our goal is to offer insight and make recommendations to the vision you want. We respond to phone calls, texts, and e-mails quickly as we don't want to hold up your planning or decision making.  You can count on us to be your wedding partner with you and helping you NOT getting in your way.


Of course, as your event partner, we are open to your suggestions, we are flexible understanding that many things regarding your day will change. We will always offer our best recommendations on any suggestion or alteration that you have and provide you with sound and wise insight based on our years of experience and doing events like this week in and week and year after year to achieve the best results.

Any winning team needs to be one the same page.


Safety & Professionalism


DJ Elegance is insured and carries liability insurance. We never cut corners and always want to ensure that we can load into your venue and set up 1 hour - 1.5 hours ahead of time to get all of the equipment set up and music playing for your guests when the time is right. We take your event seriously and provide premium and state of the art equipment and ensure we tuck away all cords, wires and have a clean and tidy set up.

Our entertainment and DJ staff are friendly, customer solutions focused and approachable. We provide the best-suited DJs, Event Hosts, and staff to work WITH you as this is YOUR show, not ours. Look forward to working with non-egotistical staff, those that are dialed into your evening and who want you to have the time of your lives. As DJ Elegance staff we have a zero tolerance policy on drinking during our work/performance time. We want to have a good time with you but we are also working so alcohol consumption is frowned upon. 


1 on 1


During our 1 on 1 Discovery Session, it's a time to get to know us and vice versa. After all meeting face to face and talking over your day in depth should be a priority. The DJ will have single-handedly the BIGGEST impact on your day (80%) so choosing the right entertainment and DJ service should be a top priority as no other vendor will have as much responsibility as your entertainment.


DJ Elegance takes a boutique approach to assist you on your special day. We take a great deal of pride in getting to know you, your background, how you came to arrive at this point as a couple and other important nuances that will feed into the successful delivery of your day. You are NOT just another couple walking through the door this is about legacy for us and leaving a historic and memorable impression. We want to work with you and help you deliver THE best wedding you can possibly have and we want people to remember your day 50 years from now.




I think it's safe to assume that music is important to you otherwise you would not have contacted an entertainment and DJ service. Our approach to providing music for your day is doing it in thirds. A third what you would like to have played on your special day - family sing-a-longs, your first date song, wall slappers, basement bangers, big tunes and your favourite party tracks. A third we leave up to your guests who may want to make requests throughout the night and the last third you leave up to us as your entertainment specialists who have worked in many multi-generational, multi-ethnic and multicultural rooms.


We provide a current and up to date playlist of music for your event with clean edits and our style is to mix the music "club style" - meaning that we mix your tracks so that you can get more music in as opposed to playing the song out in its full entirety then switching to the next song. We would recommend "club style" as it allows the DJ to create the type of energy to get guests and keep them dancing. We "read the room" watching the energy of your guests then we can change it up on a dime and re-energize your dance floor and take the dance floor in another direction as needed. We're able to play a wide range of genres typically anything from the 1950s - present day. Creating the proper musical soundtrack means EVERYTHING to us and we hope so for you as well!


Event Hosts:


Many times a couple will ask us to handle MC duties and we can 100% outright. The benefit of this is that you won't have to ask a family member or friend to do it and have to "work" on your special day. We also have loads of experience to command the attention of a big room and quite a room down so that the signature moments of your evening will not be missed. We can also co - MC (share the event hosting duties) along with a family member or close friend who knows you and can provide funny anecdotes or stories about you.


Final Note:


DJ Elegance Tip: “People remember 2 things about your event the FOOD and the MUSIC”.

DJ Elegance looks forward to having the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us and let's see what we can create together!

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